Euphoria (DJ Swivel Forever Mix)
This is a song that is near and dear to me. The inception for this actually came from the BTS fans, better known as the Army. One of the Army sent me a video on twitter of their friends having their first wedding dance as a couple to the original version of Euphoria. I thought this was such a beautiful moment, but also joked that it was funny to see a couple slow dancing to an uptempo pop record, and that perhaps I should make a ballad version to solve this problem. Well, the Army took that about as seriously as anything and once I saw the huge support for this idea, I thought I should go ahead and make it happen. I worked with a good friend of mine, and incredible musician, Jonathan Perkins who helped with me the piano and string arrangements. I then added some live violins, violas, cellos and upright bass to give the song an organic texture. Finally I got Jungkook to record some new ad libs to glue the song together and the Forever Mix was born. I'm so proud of it, as it was a work of love from everyone involved!

BTS - Euphoria DJ Swivel Forever Mix
Euphoria (DJ Swivel Forever Mix)
Producer, Composer, Mixing, Arrangement