Lil Nas X
7 EP
I had an absolute blast working on these mixes with my good friends Take A Daytrip, who produced Rodeo and Panini. I've known Denzel and David a long time, so the process here was very smooth. Everyone understood the sound we wanted to achieve and was on the same page, and so the mixes came together quite quickly. I think the entire 7 EP in an incredible first body of work from Lil Nas X. He's completely flipping the genres, playing with different styles, but keeping it uniquely fun, young, and forward! This EP has tastes of hip hop, country, rock, pop, and alternative. On Rodeo, my goal was to give the verse guitars a phased, almost Nirvana vibe, while still maintaining the hip hop sensibilities in the drums. On Panini, hip hop low end with a clean pop vocal. The idea behind the mixes being, to try and make them as universal sounding as possible, borrowing stylistic cues from all genres. After all the mixes were done, with about 2 days before the EP's release, I got a last minute urgent phone call to add vocals for a feature, from none other than Cardi B. Of course we got that done which was a nice way to cap off finishing this project!

Lil Nas X - 7 EP
Rodeo feat. Cardi B