Talk That Talk

I recorded Jay-Z’s vocals on the album’s title track, Talk That Talk.  I’ve had the privilege of recording a few things with Jay, and sessions with him are always a lot of fun.  His process is nothing like any other artists that I’ve worked with.  We’ll have the beat playing on loop, and a game on TV, and all of a sudden he’ll jump up and say “I’m ready”.  A take or two later it’s done.  No pens, no paper, nothing.  But the amount of thought that goes into each lyric is incredible.  Often he’ll jump back in the booth after a few listens just to change one pronoun or conjunction.  Jay puts a great deal of thought into the way words bounce off each other, and how they contribute to the emotion he’s trying to convey.  There’s a level of artistry there that is rarely seen. For more info please visit:


Talk That Talk feat. Jay-Z