Map Of The Soul: Persona
Map Of The Soul: Persona is the 6th EP from Korean megastars BTS, and first of the Map Of The Soul era. It features 7 songs from the 7-man band. It pre-sold 3.07 million copies, making it the largest release of any Korean release ever, and one of the biggest in global music history. I was fortunate enough to write one song, Mikrokosmos alongside Candace Sosa, the first signee to my publishing company Waves With Words. What BTS has accomplished in the last few years is nothing short of historic. A Korean language group to truly break and succeed in the American market would have been unthinkable 2 years ago. I'm incredibly proud to have played a small part in their journey through the Love Yourself era and now into the Map Of Your Soul era, and been able to watch them grow artistically. I'm also unbelievably grateful to their fans The Army for embracing me and the songs I've helped create.

BTS - Map Of The Soul Persona