Jay-Z Gave Me One of His Cheat Codes For Success

I first met Jay-Z in 2006 which was very early in my career and there was a really important lesson I learned from from this moment. Jay-Z was the president

The Chainsmokers e-mail that changed my life

About six months before I left New York City for my move to Los Angeles at the end of 2014 I got an email from the Chainsmokers manager Adam, he

Introducing Diddy to Social Media

I introduced the one and only Diddy to myspace in 2006 and this particular story brings me back to the beginning of my journey into the music industry which actually

The Secret Ingredient I Use On Every Mix – Stereo Imaging

Image, compression, EQ and Balance. These are the keys to every great mix. Effects like reverb, delay, distortion, and modulation are great and allow for unique characteristics on your music,

How to Work In A Recording Studio

Knowing how to act in a studio session or around an artist whether it be your an engineer, producer or songwriter is not always common sense and its not uncommon

Moving from New York City to Los Angeles

I have faced a lot of adversity in my career and I had to take a lot of risks in order to achieve new heights and meet new goals but

The Amazing Way I Landed My First Mix

I got my first major label mix in 2007 with an artist named Fabolous who we all know and love. Fabolous was my first real paid engineering client. I worked

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