The Chainsmokers

This song shot straight to #1 on iTunes, and though I’ve worked on #1’s before, this is the first time it felt like it counted. This record was a journey. Drew (from The Chainsmokers) and I went back and forth on the mix so many times, adjusting production, recutting vocals, and if you listen closely you can even hear me singing background vocals on the hook!  I say that to say, great records don’t always just happen. It’s a ton of hard work, effort, dedication, and attention to detail to get something sounding like a hit. No stone was left unturned. No settling. And for it to shoot straight to #1, it felt like months of effort being completely vindicated. A very proud moment for me. For more info please visit:


Closer feat. Halsey
Mixing, Engineer, Vocal Production, Background Vocals