Calm Down (remix) feat. Selena Gomez
Rema is an artist I've spent the better part of 4 years working with. When we first met I realized he had something special, and have been fortunate to build a great creative relationship with. I've mixed and mastered most of his music since we first met. This remix of Rema's hit Calm Down features Selena Gomez and was a huge step forward in building Rema's visibility and exposure to a global audience. I had the pleasure of mixing, mastering, and doing the Atmos mixing the the entire project, along with this song. Watching Rema go from a relatively unknown artist to a global superstar has been a pleasure and I'm excited to see where he takes things next!

Calm Down (remix) feat. Selena Gomez
Mixing, Dolby ATMOS, Mastering