Map Of The Soul: 7
BTS has continued to grow immensely since I first started working with them back on the Love Yourself: Her album and I could not be more proud of the collective work on Map Of The Soul: 7. MOTS7 was released with over 4 million copies pre-sold, and is sure to be one of (if not the) biggest albums so far from the 7 man supergroup. Along with my frequent writing partner Candace Sosa, we contributed songwriting on 2 songs, Moon, and We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal. I also had the incredible privilege to record some background vocals on both songs, some of which were in Korean. This was a huge challenge to get right, but also hugely rewarding and something I'm eternally grateful for being able to participate in. I can't wait to see what these boys do next!

Composer, Background Vocals
We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal
Composer, Background Vocals